Designed by architect Luigi Vietti, the club house is reminiscent of the country house of a large party-loving family. The style of the club recreates, even in its structures, an elegant but at the same time welcoming atmosphere.

The charm and elegance of the club house have enchanted many, so much so that Michelangelo Antonioni chose it as the set for the film “The Night” in the 1960s, with Jeanne Moreau and Marcello Mastroianni.

The enchanting structure houses all the services to allow members and guests to enjoy the life of the club to the fullest.

From the elegant restaurant with its historic rooms, the large fireplace and the panoramic terrace, to the beautiful swimming pool surrounded by impressive beech trees, passing from the sunny buvette to the new gym, you will notice the attention to every detail and you will be able to face a unique experience.

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